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Central Vermont Medical Center

130 Fisher Road, Berlin, VT

August 28 – Oct. 25, 2013


– act of regenerating; state of being regenerated.

I am interested in the use of repetition and process in healing and nurturing our spirits. I notice in my life a yearning for space, both physical and mental and time to breathe, reflect and consider. I find that knitting forces me to slow down and allows me that soulful space of regeneration.

The abstract pattern that is created through knit is endlessly fascinating to me. Opening up the stitches to expose the twists and turns the yarn takes as it makes a fabric feels akin to exposing the great secrets of life. Knit pattern is created from a single strand, at times mistakes are made, the pattern unravels and becomes a tangled mess or can be reformed into a new pattern. These are all metaphors for our life and healing process. As I work with patterns, opening up parts, microcosms emerge. The structures become cellular or skeletal in nature or take on their own sculptural shapes.  Beauty in its most essential form.

In this work I often print from pieces that I have knit. I have also learned to draw and paint the process of knitting. By combining the techniques of monoprinting with drawing, the act of knitting becomes a way for me to explore issues of process, repetition, space and time. Printmaking is inherently a repetitious process involving the inking of plates, placing the inked plate on the press bed, placing the paper on the plate, covering with blankets and rolling the bed through the press. With monoprint, I build up layers of imagery by printing multiple times on the same paper. I often use the “ghost”, which is the ink left on the plate after printing, to create textures and veils. The transfer of imagery from plate to paper is challenging to control and requires a certain level of letting go for the imagery to emerge.

I hear the call to explore our inner riches and make time for our selves in this distracting, technological world.  My intention is that these images evoke the connection to soul that supports healing and regeneration.

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I am taking my art on the road! Here is a list of upcoming shows.

I hope you will be able to catch up with me at one of these venues.

There is an article about my work in the winter Vogue Knitting Magazine!


Art at the Coach Barn

Shelburne Farms

Oct. 19 – Nov. 4

Open Daily 10 – 5

$5 per person at the gate / free to members

Vogue Knitting:LIVE

Palmer House Hotel, Chicago

Ocober 26 – 28

Featured Artist Gallery

Fri 3-8 / Sat 10 – 6:30 / Sun 10 – 6

Line / Structure / Pattern

Washington Printmaker’s Gallery

Nov. 1 – 25

Opening Reception

Sat, Nov. 3 from 1 – 4

Pyramid Atlantic Bldg, 2nd floor

8230 Georgia Ave, Silver Springs, MD

Wed – Thurs 12-6 / Fri 12-7/ Sat, Sun 12-5

Parallax Art Fair – NYC

November 17 – 18

Prince George Hotel, East 27th St, NYC

Sat 11-7 / Sun 11-5

Parallax Art Fair – Miami

December 7-9

Vogue Knitting:LIVE

NY Marriott Marquis

Jan. 18 – 20

Featured Artist Gallery

Fri 5-8 / Sat 10-6:30 / Sun 10-6

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