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Orb I

Carol E. S. MacDonald


Saturday, Nov. 23  •  10 – 4
Sunday, Nov 24  • 1 – 4 
Monoprints, Limited Edition Prints 
Cards, Gift Tags, Sketchbook Journals
Raku Clay Birds
10% of all proceeds will be donated to Frog Hollow
614 Macrae Road, Colchester, VT
*** I am collecting used standard red bricks for a permanent labyrinth installation at the Unitarian Church in Burlington. Anyone bringing me bricks will receive a free card!
DIRECTIONS:  From Burlington: Rt 127N (Northern Connector), at the 2nd light go right onto Macrae Rd. 1/2 mile on right.
From Exit 16: North on Rt 7; left on Blakely Rd, Left on Lakeshore Dr; Left on Prim Rd; Left on Macrae Rd; 1/2 mile on right.
I have also been included in the Frog Hollow Holiday Catalogue – take a look!

Vermont Open Studios

ImageVermont Open Studios • October 5 & 6 • 10am – 5pm

Join me for this fun event!

See my printmaking studio and some of the new work that I am working on.

 Etching Presses & Letterpress
A gorgeous view of the Winooski River and the Intervale.
Monoprints / Drawings / Note Cards / Sketchbooks / Raku Fired Birds
Directions: Yellow Open Studio Signs #82 – 614 Macrae Road, Colchester, VT
From Burlington: Rt 127N (Northern Connector), at the 2nd light go right onto Macrae Rd. 1/2 mile on right.
From Exit 16: North on Rt 7; left on Blakely Rd, Left on Lakeshore Dr; Left on Prim Rd; Left on Macrae Rd; 1/2 mile on right.
For more information about the Open Studio Tour or to download a map go to:


Two Threads

Fly Away

Two Threads

Sept. 5 – Oct. 26

Opening Reception

Thursday, Sept 5, 5-7 pm

Artist Talk at 6 pm

River Arts

74 Pleasant St. Morrisville, VT


Gallery Hours M-F 10-2pm

for off hours call ahead 802-888-1261

Artists are often identified by the subject matter they work with. In this exhibition I am interested in creating a conversation between Knitting and Crows, two bodies of work I have been engaged and identified with over the past ten years. In this series of hand pulled monoprints, issues of community, life, transition, process and communication are explored. For many years, crows and birds brought threads to a communal nest and held the thread of conversation between themselves. Over the years the threads have become yarn, knitted and tangled, unraveled and reconstructed. Patterns and process are explored and enlarged as it relates to the rhythms and transitions of our daily lives. The birds continue to fly in and out bringing their voices to the conversation.

Carol E.S. MacDonald is an artist, and master printmaker living and working in Vermont. She attended the Maryland Institute College of Art and the Lake Placid School of Art. Recent solo exhibitions include: Line / Structure / Pattern, Washington Printmakers Gallery, Silver Springs, MD; The Thread: A 40 Year Retrospective, VCAM/RETN Art Space, Burlington, VT; Knit Monoprints, Galerie Maison Kasini, Montreal, Quebec; Cast On – Bind Off, Firehouse Gallery, Burlington, VT. She was a featured artist at Vogue Knitting: LIVE in New York City and Chicago. Her work was shown in Foot Print International at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking in Norwalk, CT, Papier 12, Contemporary Art Fair in Montreal, Quebec and Parallax Art Fair in New York City and Miami.

MacDonald has been an artist fellow at the Virginia Center for Creative Arts, and the Vermont Studio Center. She received the 2008 Barbara Smail Award from Burlington City Arts, an Artist Opportunity Grant from the Vermont Arts Council in 2007 and the Susan B. Anthony Award in 1999 from the YWCA for Leadership in the Arts. Her work is in many private and corporate collections. Including: Robert Hull Fleming Museum, Burlington, VT; Johnson & Johnson Corp, NJ; Champion Paper International, Stamford, CT; San Francisco Public Library, San Francisco, CA; Gelman Library, George Washington University, Washington DC; Shearson Lehman, American Express, NY, NY.




Central Vermont Medical Center

130 Fisher Road, Berlin, VT

August 28 – Oct. 25, 2013


– act of regenerating; state of being regenerated.

I am interested in the use of repetition and process in healing and nurturing our spirits. I notice in my life a yearning for space, both physical and mental and time to breathe, reflect and consider. I find that knitting forces me to slow down and allows me that soulful space of regeneration.

The abstract pattern that is created through knit is endlessly fascinating to me. Opening up the stitches to expose the twists and turns the yarn takes as it makes a fabric feels akin to exposing the great secrets of life. Knit pattern is created from a single strand, at times mistakes are made, the pattern unravels and becomes a tangled mess or can be reformed into a new pattern. These are all metaphors for our life and healing process. As I work with patterns, opening up parts, microcosms emerge. The structures become cellular or skeletal in nature or take on their own sculptural shapes.  Beauty in its most essential form.

In this work I often print from pieces that I have knit. I have also learned to draw and paint the process of knitting. By combining the techniques of monoprinting with drawing, the act of knitting becomes a way for me to explore issues of process, repetition, space and time. Printmaking is inherently a repetitious process involving the inking of plates, placing the inked plate on the press bed, placing the paper on the plate, covering with blankets and rolling the bed through the press. With monoprint, I build up layers of imagery by printing multiple times on the same paper. I often use the “ghost”, which is the ink left on the plate after printing, to create textures and veils. The transfer of imagery from plate to paper is challenging to control and requires a certain level of letting go for the imagery to emerge.

I hear the call to explore our inner riches and make time for our selves in this distracting, technological world.  My intention is that these images evoke the connection to soul that supports healing and regeneration.

The Drawing Room Gallery.


I am excited to be exhibiting my work in this show.

Here is a link to their website and my work: http://thedrawingroomartgallery.com/carol-macdonald/

I am taking my art on the road! Here is a list of upcoming shows.

I hope you will be able to catch up with me at one of these venues.

There is an article about my work in the winter Vogue Knitting Magazine!


Art at the Coach Barn

Shelburne Farms

Oct. 19 – Nov. 4

Open Daily 10 – 5

$5 per person at the gate / free to members

Vogue Knitting:LIVE

Palmer House Hotel, Chicago

Ocober 26 – 28

Featured Artist Gallery

Fri 3-8 / Sat 10 – 6:30 / Sun 10 – 6

Line / Structure / Pattern

Washington Printmaker’s Gallery

Nov. 1 – 25

Opening Reception

Sat, Nov. 3 from 1 – 4

Pyramid Atlantic Bldg, 2nd floor

8230 Georgia Ave, Silver Springs, MD

Wed – Thurs 12-6 / Fri 12-7/ Sat, Sun 12-5

Parallax Art Fair – NYC

November 17 – 18

Prince George Hotel, East 27th St, NYC

Sat 11-7 / Sun 11-5

Parallax Art Fair – Miami

December 7-9

Vogue Knitting:LIVE

NY Marriott Marquis

Jan. 18 – 20

Featured Artist Gallery

Fri 5-8 / Sat 10-6:30 / Sun 10-6

A Forty Year Retrospective of Work

by Carol E.S. MacDonald

June 1 – August 31, 2012


208 Flynn Ave. #2-G, Burlington, VT

Hours: 10 – 10 M – F, 10 – 5 Sat
Directions: 208 Flynn Ave. – Flynn Ave is west off of Shelburne Rd or Pine St. Take a right into the parking lot before the railroad tracks. Go about 2/3rd of the way down the lot to the tall handicapped lift. VCAM and RETN are up the stairs on the loading dock. There is a daycare center to the left.
Round Rocks, graphite drawing, 1972
  Ball of Yarn I, Monotype, 2012

The Thread

I make images that address issues of human and environmental development, evolution and healing. Taking the concept that the personal is universal, I have looked for the issues and experiences that connect us. It is both a journey inward and then outward. My early work addresses issues of self definition as an artist, wife, feminist, and mother; followed by images exploring spirituality and healing. My mid-career work expresses my connection to community and ideas about the world politically and environmentally. The work I am doing today pulls on many themes and images I have worked with in the past. Connecting threads and ideas and evolving into something beyond myself that balances the internal with the external.

Metaphorical self-portraits were a way that I examined who I was in the world. Working with my surroundings, the spaces I inhabited, built and worked in, and many of the tools I used. In this work, I often used objects to represent myself and think about my relationships.

Artwork was a way of coming to terms with myself as a woman, feminist and all of the roles and stigmas associated with being a housekeeper, mother, and wife. I made images that celebrated those things we weren’t so sure we wanted to see: brooms and brushes, clothes lines, clothes stacks, and laundry. I was making art of my daughter’s plastic toys scattered across the antique patterns of a Persian rug in a time when women artists weren’t taken seriously, unless like O’Keefe, they gave up having children for their art.

In the Kimono series I embrace and explore my inner spiritual life thinking about holding, nurturing and protecting. These images led into coming to terms with early sexual trauma. Learning to trust my intuition and work from an internal, feeling source I developed images of wounds, cocoons, nests and prayers; looking for the wholeness that embraces both the light and the dark.

The bird emerged to exemplify the concept of body / spirit, heaven / earth. It is a creature that lives both on the land and in the sky. For myself, a person connected to my soul and inner life and also of the world, the bird / crow has been a great spokes-being for me. Expressing my love of the land, preservation, and sacred earth; protesting the war; thinking about community and the ways we can contribute to the good of society. After 9/11 the birds figured out new ways to support each other by picking up the thread together. Birds leaving the nest and taking flight as children go off to college. Birds dying as I deal with the loss of parents and friends as they pass on.

Currently, the knitting and music series is a journey both inward and outward at the same time. I explore the routine of repetitive process that reconnect ourselves to our souls; the rhythms of our lives, the cycles of creation, unraveling tangles, and re-creation; the structures that are possible and the metaphor that knitting is of community. The creation of a fabric from a single thread is a very strong metaphor. It is in a tradition that has largely been passed down the matriarchal line from grandmother to mother to daughter through the ages. I find in this work I can create representatively, abstractly and in a narrative way to encompass a wide spectrum of integration from the past, present and future.

Carol E.S. MacDonald VCAM/RETN Retrospective, 2012

Bearing Alms VII, Etching, Monoprint, 2005

Reviews of the show were written in

Seven Days: http://www.7dvt.com/2012retrospective-reflections

Art Map Burlington: http://artmapburlington.com/content/2012/carol-macdonald-at-vcam

Vogue Knitting:LIVE

Featured Artist at Vogue Knitting: LIVE!

Come see me in NYC!

I will be one of the Featured Artists at the

Vogue Knitting: LIVE  event in NYC.

I will be exhibiting my knit based monoprints

in the Knitting Gallery

Saturday, Jan 14th & Sunday, Jan 15th 

Hilton New York Hotel

1335 Ave. of the Americas between W. 53rd and W. 54th St


The Marketplace Preview: Friday 5:00 p.m.–8:00 p.m. Free with purchase of a class or package. Tickets will not be available to the general public for this special event.
Marketplace Hours: Saturday 9:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m. & Sunday 9:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
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Ink & Silver Studio Sale

Carol E.S MacDonald & DEB KIEL

Prints, Cards and sketchbooks by Carol E.S. MacDonald   •  Jewelry by Deb Kiel

Saturday, Dec. 3 • 10 – 4

Sunday, Dec. 4 • 12 – 4

Carol MacDonald’s Studio 614 Macrae Road,Colchester, VT 862-9037

10% of all proceeds will be donated to the Women’s Rape Crisis Center


From Burlington: Rt 127N (Northern Connector), at the 2nd light go right onto Macrae Rd. 1/2 mile on right. From Exit 16: North on Rt 7; left on Blakely Rd, Left on Lakeshore Dr; Left on Prim Rd; Left on Macrae Rd; 1/2 mile on right.