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Trancendence continued

Transcendence: Mooring the Storm at Frog Hollow in Burlington, VT

An Installation process taking place during the month of April, 2011 by Carol MacDonald and Erik Rehman

*** if you haven’t read the beginning of this go to April posts and see if from the beginning.

Day 3 – Thursday April 7th

Today we installed shelves for Erik’s clay sculptures. They are placed on either side of the door within the tree line. The nest is placed a bit lower so that you can look down into the nest.

This sculpture is based on Inanna, Sumerian goddess of love and war,

she descended to hell where she met her stepsister who hung her on a hook;

surviving, she reclaimed her power through embracing her shadow.

Erik’s tree drawing went up over the door. He writes:
The tree lifting fallen hands,
Hands lifting the felled tree
Whose leaves are eyes.
Yarrow grows
At it’s base, an herb
that stops bleeding.

On the pedestal that had held the nest, we placed a few of the red and brown paper dolls, which I used in the Puzzle Journey piece. They bring in some stronger color.  Behind them is a small version of the frosted glass “Vive” piece. I will get a larger version sand blasted to hang in the window.

The ball of yarn has crept further along the floor and come through the door.  Above the nest is a piece by a survivor with a butterfly and leaf. The pussy willows have started to bloom. Or whatever it is that pussy willows do. Yellow pollen appearing. Above the pussy willows is the start of the rose and thorn piece. I need to reprint it in a vertical form as the original square format is too big for this space.

Day 4: Saturday, April 9th

The paper dolls moved up to the puzzle tracing along the top of the wall. We positioned them as they are in the final piece which will be appearing in the final week. Placing the paper dolls really draws attention and activates the top of the wall. The ball of yarn rolled over to the window. A folded origami piece from a survivor went onto the door above the figure cutout.

Erik’s drawing of the dragonfly:
A dragonfly emerged
From the body that crawled
From the drowning element;
It’s wings drying,
Soon to fly.

At this midpoint in our process – we decided to bring out the figure, that was cut from the door. This figure represents the displaced self. It is in the far side of the window – quite removed from the original door. The figure has started it’s journey….

Erik and I will be working at Frog Hollow next on Thursday, April 14th from 3 -5.

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